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Whether it’s a drop or a splurge, red wine is always a challenge to clean, especially on clothes. There are some effective techniques to remove red wine stains and return your clothing to its original unspoiled condition.

Red wine will penetrate material and stain the individual fibers if it’s allowed to remain untreated for too long. One way to clean the stain is with a detergent, like an ‘oxi’ cleaner, that can dilute the stain, lift it off the fibers, and wash it away in one step without any rubbing that can spread the stain and damage the material.

You can start by pouring cold water or club soda with vinegar onto it and then blotting it with an absorbent cloth. Next, pour a stain pre-treatment liquid onto the area and gently work it into the fibers with a soft toothbrush or by rubbing the fabric together gently. Let it stand for 5 minutes and then rinse it again with cold water.

Finally, wash the piece of clothing in your washer on the normal cycle and remove immediately when done. Check to see if any of the stain remains. If so, repeat the previous steps. Do not put the clothing in the dryer until you are sure the stain is gone as heat will set the stain, rendering it impossible to remove.

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